French Maid Dresses are not Just For Halloween…

French MaFrench Maid Dress Costumeid Costumes make a fantastic outfit for a masquerade or a costume party.  They can be worn for a private at home party.

The perfect, exciting surprise for that special someone when he arrives home after a hard day at work!

Greet you better half, number one partner dressed up in a sexy, naughty French Maid uniform to create your own private party.

Armed with your trusty feather duster, perky maid’s hat and your French Maid Fancy Dress to sweep your special guy into an evening of delightful fantasies.

French Maid Dresses evolved from black and white uniforms that years ago were typically worn by house maids.  The French Maid costume designs range from modest and conservative to flirty, naughty and sexy.

French Maid Dress Plus Size CostumeThe classic French Maid Fancy Dress has a short black dress or skirt with a frilly white apron.

The Sexy Plus Size French Maid Dress on the right is likely to turn heads and raise some eyes when you walk into the room.

The are many French Maid Accessories to enhance your desired look.  If you are pursuing the sexy appeal, go with a short skirt, add some spikey high heels, fishnet hose, a corset and full petticoat.

Don’t forget to add your trusty feather duster and a perky little hat.

The Maid Servant

French Chambermaid Plus Size Costume

The French Chamber Maid Plus Size Adult Costume on the left is a Flirty Dress that will show off your curves.

Relatively few households now days can afford to have a live-in domestic staff.  Often these positions are hired on a daily or weekly basis.

Traditionally in large, affluent households several domestic workers lived a part of and within each household.

Those roles included Housekeeper, Maids, Butlers, Chauffeurs, Cooks, the Nanny and the Gardener.

The staff  usually live within the main house or in living quarters located on the property or estate.

Facts About French Maids

In the larger estates, where there were many maids, there was a hierarchy based on positions in the house.

  • The Head House Maid was also know as the head housemaid, answerable to the housekeeper or butler.
  • Nursery Maids, the Nanny looks after the children.
  • Scullery Maids answered to the cook and was responsible for cleaning up the kitchen.